About Us

Inspired by the Amazing healing that we are offered on the daily basis that comes from Nature. Our Premium Full Spectrum 1200 mg CBD oil is Manufactured in Florida. The CBD comes from the rich mountains of Kentucky were the air is Pure the Soil has all the goodness the plants need to grow healthy and happy, it also has the perfect temperature so they grow very potent and Vibrant. We make sure every plant is taken care of in a happy hollistic way.  

The oil is tested in QC (Quality Control) for pesticides, microbials, mycotoxins, heave metals, terpenes, residual solvent, filth, and moisture.

Later they go to the very clean and cGMP compliance Lab were they extract the Oil from the full plant, including stems, roots, leafs, flowers and even the seeds. This Carefully extracted Potent oil is taken to a third party lab were is tested for Potency and for compounds that bring joy to ones life like CBDa, CBDV, CBG, CBGa, CBC

After this they go to the Manufacturing Room which is also cGMP compliant to get bottled up and labeled for later shipped to you. 

We are looking to expand our current process and take it to the next level to really create more products and make it more accesible to all. For that we are asking your help that way we can all grow and heal together.